The goal of any marketing campaign or strategy is to influence a consumer in order to make a decision that benefits a business, company or organization. For example, Apple creates sleek and chic marketing campaigns that promote the ease of their products, the convenience of their products, and also shows consumers how cool the products are.

Marketing Techniques that Involve Psychological Understanding

Some of the top techniques used by marketing professionals incorporate the psychology of the human mind. Here are a few techniques that are common in the industry:

  • Emotional marketing campaigns — These campaigns aim to tap into the emotional human experience and motivate a consumer to purchase a product or service based on the feelings of the heart.

  • Exclusive marketing strategies — These types of campaigns promote a particular product or service as exclusive by feeding the competitive drive of many consumers to have the best and most elite products available. A person who is motivated by exclusivity will want to feel like they are part of the crowd and will want to spend the money necessary to achieve that goal.

  • Marketing with fear and doubt — These techniques are used by marketers who want their customers to consider the consequences of inaction. The campaigns are designed to make a customer feel fearful or anxious about not purchasing a particular good or service. They highlight the consequences of not purchasing the product, rather than the benefits of investing in it.

The objective of this forum is therefore to apprise marketing professionals of the importance of psychology in marketing strategies.