Nushrin SHADOO BUCCUS is a graduate in Psychology with Counselling Skills from Middlesex University. She is currently pursuing her LLB. Nushrin also excels in corporate vision and strategic direction as well as overall communications and marketing strategy. Her psychological background coupled with her proactive and critical thinking approach and her working knowledge of the comprehensive business environment allow her to constructively assess clients’ and entrepreneurs’ needs and constraints in order to bring effective and productive response.

Her excellent leadership, managerial and problem-solving skills come in handy when dealing with complex situations. Her international exposure, inter-personal skills and a high sense of creativity and innovation are the main drivers of her capacity to deliver ingeniously.
Nushrin has a vivid entrepreneurial mind bursting with ideas. Being a prolific writer, she also specializes in writing, editing and research work.

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Sradha GOBIN MANNA is  a Professional Counsellor, Registered Member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). She proactively lives the purpose of her life through offering mindfulness-based counselling to individuals, couples and families. She works within the ethical principles of the BACP.
She holds a Master’s degree in Counselling from The College of New Jersey, NJ, U.S.A.  and also specialises in Couple & Family Counselling. She is a Certified Imago Relational Therapist. In her private practice (since July 2014), she teaches couples the ‘Imago Dialogue’, an extremely powerful tool that empowers couples to shifts from blame and reactivity to understanding and empathy. 

In her role as a Lecturer at the UTM, she teaches counselling-related modules. She privately offers Practicum sessions that enhance students’ confidence in applying their theoretical knowledge to real clients.

She is an MQA Registered Trainer in the field of Counselling. She also actively presents radio and TV talk shows on common life problems. Her aim is to create awareness so that people cultivate more self-understanding, develop insight and take action to live healthier lives.

Her life experiences add value to the quality of service she offers. 

She is also a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. She is passionate about sharing the technique of Mindfulness. She offers group sessions in Ebene Square on Saturdays 8.30 to 10 am, free of charge. 

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